Transition Services

Easterseals Transition Services: Empowering Teens for Tomorrow

At Easterseals, we recognize the unique challenges faced by teens with disabilities as they navigate the journey towards adulthood. Our Transition Services are designed to provide tailored support, fostering independence, and empowering teens to soar beyond limitations.

SOAR Youth Program:

Addressing Homelessness and Health Challenges

SOAR Youth is a specialized program crafted for teens at risk of homelessness with serious mental illnesses or medical impairments. Our dedicated team offers individualized case management and support services, guiding teens to access vital resources, secure affordable housing, and achieve their personal goals.

STRIVE Program:

Empowering Employment and Financial Independence

STRIVE is our dynamic job placement and support program focused on helping teens with disabilities secure employment and attain financial independence. Through job readiness training, coaching, and networking opportunities, we empower teens with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the workforce.

Virtual Reality Program:

Innovative Career Exploration

Step into the future with our Virtual Reality program, offering cutting-edge technology to enhance education and career readiness for teens with disabilities. Through immersive experiences, we enable teens to explore potential careers, develop essential skills, and enhance social and emotional learning.

Teen Mental & Behavioral Health Wellness:

Promoting Positive Well-being

Our commitment extends beyond employment and housing. We offer comprehensive mental and behavioral health wellness programs tailored for teens with disabilities. Our services include counseling, therapy, and support groups designed to address unique challenges, enhance resilience, and foster positive relationships.

Contact Us for a Transformative Journey:

Easterseals Transition Services is here to guide teens towards a future filled with possibilities. For more information on any of our programs, please reach out to our dedicated team.

Mark Lawson, Director of Transition Services, Phone: 386-267-4116 or Emai:l

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