Equine-Assisted Services

At Easterseals Edgars Farm, we offer a comprehensive range of Equine Assisted Services designed to enhance the well-being and development of individuals of all ages. Our Therapeutic Riding program provides adaptive horseback riding lessons tailored to meet the specific needs of each rider, fostering physical strength, balance, and self-confidence. Our Equine-Assisted Mental Health Counseling integrates the therapeutic benefits of horses into mental health treatment, offering a unique and effective approach to emotional and psychological healing. Additionally, our broader Equine Assisted Services include a variety of activities and therapies that leverage the horse-human bond to support personal growth, social skills, and overall wellness. Whether you are seeking physical rehabilitation, emotional support, or developmental enrichment, our dedicated team at Easterseals Edgars Farm is here to help you achieve your goals through the transformative power of horses.

Edgars Farm staff

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