Speech & Language Therapy Services

Easterseals employs a dedicated and skilled team of speech-language therapists who promote communication capabilities in our community. A Speech-language therapist (also called a speech-language pathologist) is a skilled health practitioner trained in the evaluation and treatment of speech, language, and swallowing functions.
Speech therapy may address functional deficits in areas such as:

Speech Skills:

  • the way we articulate or say speech sounds
  • understanding the sounds associated with language and pronunciation
  • planning and coordinating the movements needed to make speech sounds
  • the rhythm and fluency of speaking
  • voice quality (e.g. hoarseness)

Language Skills:

  • the ability to understand language
  • the ability to use speech to communicate meaningfully
  • social communication: the way we speak to others and understand social messages and cues produced by others

Other Skills:

  • Oral-Motor Skills: strength and coordination of the tongue and lip muscles
  • Swallowing/Feeding Skills: the ability to chew and swallow effectively
  • Augmentative Communication: the ability of nonverbal individuals to use alternative communication systems

Easterseals offers pediatric and adult treatment to promote communication in areas of speech & language, voice & fluency, social skills & use of augmentative devices. Our experienced therapists also address oral motor, swallowing & feeding problems.

A comprehensive speech-language evaluation is the first step in identifying communication problems and pursuing treatment services.

Easterseals accepts most insurances. Physician order required.

For further information or to schedule a physical therapy evaluation at Easterseals, please call 330-743-1168 or Contact Us

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