Occupational Therapy Services

Does my child need occupational therapy?

An Occupational Therapist (OT) can assess and provide therapy to help children respond appropriately to sensory information. The OT can address psychological, social, and various environmental factors that may affect the way a child functions.
Children spend their days playing and exploring the world around them, which is important for learning how to interact with others and developing independent life skills. This is a crucial part of their overall development, so it’s important to keep note of your child’s progress and any setbacks that might come up.

Signs that your child might benefit from Pediatric Occupational Therapy:

Trouble with gross motor skills – If your child has trouble with their balance, strength, endurance, or their coordination, then OT can be beneficial in strengthening these motor skills. Therapy can help with a child’s ability to walk, climb stairs, hop, and other daily activities. Later in life, such deficits can hinder kids from participating in sports or playing at recess, which can affect their self-esteem. It’s important to tackle these issues early on with the help of a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.

Difficulty achieving age-appropriate milestones – Are you concerned your 1-year-old isn’t crawling yet or that your 2-year-old isn’t walking steadily on their own? Occupational therapy can help children who are showing signs of developmental delays.

Issues with fine motor skills – Children that have trouble with fine motor skills typically have a difficult time with simple tasks such as drawing, using scissors, or even their utensils.

Sensory processing problems – If you notice your child tends to overreact to touch, taste, sounds, or smells, these are common signs, that there could be sensory processing issues. Occupational Therapy can help with sensitivity to these senses using different exercises.

For further information or to schedule an occupational therapy evaluation, please call 330-743-1168.

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