SSI/SSDI Recipients

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources, are blind, (20/200 or less in the better eye with glasses, or field of vision less than 20 degrees), or aged 65 or older.

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program pays benefits to you and certain family members if you qualify (under the definition of being disabled) and have worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.  Your adult child may also qualify on your earnings record if he or she has a disability that started before age 22.

Are you currently receiving SSI or SSDI and want to go back to work and/or make more money?  Complete the following form and our staff will contact you to tell you how we can help you work to your full potential. Mail the completed form to Easterseals Posey County, 5525 Industrial Road, Mt. Vernon, Indiana, 47620.

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Type of Benefit currently received: SSI, SSDI, both, other______________________

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*To contact our office directly, use our online "Contact Us" page or call 812-838-0636 and ask for Employment Specialist Donna Kohlmeyer.

Last updated: September 11, 2018

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