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Providing Services for People with Disabilities and Their Families

Children and adults with disabilities and other special needs find exceptional services designed to meet their individual needs with Easter Seals Colorado. Teams of therapists, teachers and other health professionals help each person overcome obstacles to independence and reach his or her own personal goals. Easter Seals Colorado also includes families as active members of any therapy program, and offers the support families need.

In the spotlight


Rocky Mountain Village partnered with the Rotary of Colorado to pilot a special needs version of their leadership program, RYLA. On the fourth day of the week one of our campers Cole decided that he would flex his new leadership skills by attempting the thing that scared him the most, the climbing wall. Most campers with Cole's form of Muscular Dystrophy usually get up the wall by a sling and pulley that carries them to the top, but not Cole. Not this day. Cole decided that he was going to climb that wall on his own, with no assistance, no matter what. Cole was lifted out of his chair and placed at the bottom of the wall. He was asked to identify the highest point he thought he could climb too. Cole pointed to a spot about 20% of the way up the wall. Over the next several minutes, Cole commenced to blow past the 20% marker and made it to the 80% point. Some people below were crying and some were shouting encouragement to Cole. All who were lucky enough to be there, were inspired by one of the many courageous campers found at RMV. Sweating and shaking, Cole made his was back down the wall. His knees were sore and his smile was wide. Life is great here at Rocky Mountain Village!

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Job Training and Employment: Building Skills to Find - and Keep - a Great Job

Adults with disabilities looking for meaningful employment find training and placement opportunities through Easter Seals Colorado job training and employment services. Easter Seals Colorado staff help people identify their employment goals and structure job training programs to meet these personal goals.

Veteran Services

With record numbers of service members returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, Easter Seals Colorado is organizing their efforts to assist veterans with and without disabilities in reintegrating into their communities. Through volunteer and employment opportunities, Easter Seals Colorado is responding to the needs of its veterans to promote their success in attaining individual goals and full community participation. Learn more about Veterans Services.

Adult Day Programs: Anticipating the Needs of Adults with Disabilities and Older Adults

Easter Seals Colorado adult day services meet daytime needs of adults with disabilities and older adults while promoting their dignity and independence. Easter Seals Colorado partners with families to ensure a continuation of their high-standards of care. Some of the programs include our Rehabilitation Services and Stroke Recovery Day Program which provides stroke survivors a wonderful opportunity to grow and become more independent. Our warm water therapy pool is the only one like it in the state. Learn more.

Camping and Recreation: Having Fun, Making Friends, Mastering Skills, Expanding Independence

Camp is about all the things children and adults can do -- play basketball, canoe, sing, eat s'mores and more. Easter Seals Colorado camping program at Rocky Mountain Village provide a safe, barrier-free environment for children and adults to experience all aspects of camp without usual limitations.

Discovery Club: Laughing, Learning and Having Fun

Discovery Club provides children and youth an opportunity to have fun in a safe and friendly environment while also offering caregivers a chance to rest and recharge.

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