New Adventures

A new program for children with disabilities and their families in Southern Colorado.

New Adventures is an inclusive and safe respite program that gives children and teens with disabilities ages 6 -18 the opportunity to explore, while providing parents and caregivers with a much-needed break from caregiving duties.

The program lasts 4-6 hours and will take place 1-2 Saturdays per month. Each Saturday, we will host 10-12 children. The program will be staffed with a program coordinator, a registered nurse, an arts and crafts instructor, and local nursing students, ensuring a 1:1 staff:child ratio so that everyone is safe and included. Our senior program manager will oversee all activities.

Program Details: 

  • 1-2 Saturdays per month, 4 - 6 hour program.
  • Enriching activities such as scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, music, and digital educational games.
  • 1:1 Caregiver to child ratio.
  • Low cost for families with children receiving benefits such as CHP+ and Medicaid.
  • Safe and inclusive! 
  • Siblings welcome! 

New Adventures also provides parents and caregivers with a much-needed break from caregiving duties and an opportunity to tend to their needs while knowing their children are being cared for in a safe and supportive environment. 

Why join New Adventures? 

  • Connect with other families.
  • Take some time for yourself.
  • Give your child a fun, new experience!
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