Meet Jane, Stroke Survivor, Driver Rehab Participant

Jane driving success

Regaining independence through Easterseals Driver Assessment and Medical Rehab Program

Easterseals Driver Assessment program helps people to determine if they are able to safely operate a motor vehicle. Someone may need a driver assessment if they have a medical condition affecting their ability to drive, if they’ve lost the use of or have impaired sensation in a limb, if their doctor suggested they need a driver assessment or if they’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident or experienced near misses.

Our primary goal is safety and helping each of the individuals that we serve to achieve maximum independence.

Recently, Jane went through Easterseals Driver Assessment program. She had sustained a stroke in November of 2021 and the effects of her stroke included experiencing deficits in attention, cognition, vision, and expressive language.  She was seen for a comprehensive driver assessment over the summer and it was determined she was not yet ready to drive. Therefore, it was recommended that Jane see a skilled Occupational Therapist (OT) to address these deficits.

Lauren Pires, OT, Driver Rehabilitation Professional and Certified Driver Instructor, is the staff member who conducted Jane’s driver assessment and saw her for therapy through our Medical Rehabilitation Program at Easterseals, located in the same building on State Street in Meriden.  This made the process easy for Jane because her services were being provided in the same location and her therapist knew the areas that she needed to work on to operate a vehicle safely.

Jane was motivated and worked hard in her 11 occupational therapy sessions where she met her therapy goals and displayed improvements with all of her deficits and she returned to the Driver Assessment Program for a reassessment. Jane PASSED on February 1, 2023 and has been driving since then.  

Jane was proud of her achievement after working hard to improve her skills and knowing with confidence that she now had the skills needed to drive safely. She was grateful for the ease she experienced being able to work with the same therapist who knew her deficits and helped to achieve her goal.  

Jane expressed her gratitude to Easterseals for helping her to regain her independence. "I am so grateful for Easterseals. You've helped me to be able to do what I need to do!" Jane shared.

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