Stories of Success

Meet Jane, Stroke Survivor, Driver Rehab Participant

Jane driving success Jane participated in Easterseals Driver Assessment and Medical Rehabilitation program after recovering from a stroke. She wanted to drive again and was ready to work hard to achieve her therapy goals so that she could regain her independence. Lauren Pires, OT, Driver Rehabilitation Professional and Certified Driver Instructor, is the staff member who conducted Jane’s driver assessment and saw her for occupational therapy through our Medical Rehabilitation Program at Easterseals, located in the same building on State Street in Meriden. This made the process easy for Jane because her services were being provided in the same location and her therapist knew the areas that she needed to work on to operate a vehicle safely.
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Meet Henry Long, Board Director & Legacy Donor

Henry Long, Easterseals Supporter Henry Long wished to extend his generosity beyond his lifetime and included Easterseals in his estate plans, leaving a $38,500 gift to help Easterseals touch the lives of individuals and families in the community facing disability, the way that it helped his own family.
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Meet Fran, Driver Assessment Program Participant

Fran Mooney Headshot Fran sustained a traumatic brain injury or a TBI, and was in a coma for three weeks. Upon waking from the coma, he was agitated and confused which was different from Fran’s high energy and fun personality. Once doctors stabilized his medical status, they put a plan in place. He started rehabilitation immediately. He needed to re-learn how to walk, eat, and do basic everyday tasks. But there was one thing Fran hadn’t mastered yet. To gain full independence, he needed to be able to drive and not have to depend on his family for transportation.
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Meet Connie, Driver Assessment Program/Adaptive Driver Training Participant

Connie Wilson smiling Connie Jean Wilson came to Easterseals after having a stroke which affected her speech and ability to move the right side of her body. After successfully completing therapy, Ms. Wilson wanted to drive on her own again.
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Meet Grace, a Center for Better Hearing Participant

Grace Grace H, from Newton CT, is a bubbly, kind, intelligent girl who has been attending the Easterseals Center for Better Hearing for 7 years.
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