Alternative and Augmentative Communications

child using PECS

Pictures are often the starting point for symbolic communication.  This child learned to form sentences using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). She subsequently learned to use a speech generating device.

child using an iPad

Using an ACCI Choice Communicator with a communication app and child-friendly case, Sean answers questions about characters in a book.


child using communication device

Mung, four years old, loves to talk about exotic jungle animals.  He is learning to use a Dynavox dynamic display speech generating device to augment and clarify his speech.  He is seated in a chair that was adapted for him by the Easter Seals occupational and physical therapists.


girl using eye gaze software

Four year old Keishy is learning to use her eyes to make a request on a speech generating device.  Here she asked her speech therapist to “blow bubbles.”  She uses a special chair adapted by the occupational and physical therapists at Easter Seals and a special mount to hold the technology in the best position for her eyes to be tracked by the device.

boy using eye gaze

Lucas learned to activate a speech generating device using his eyes while he was a student at the Montgomery County Division of Easter Seals of SEPA.  The AT Team worked closely with his speech therapist and teachers during the trials of various eye gaze technology and in the acquisition of his own device. Shown here, Lucas is using an Accent with NuEye that was funded as AT Library equipment by the Seed the Dream Foundation.

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