Quarterly Town Hall


Introducing our Quarterly Town Hall Series

For 2021 we're thinking about the ways that small actions create big impact.

If you think about it, small actions have the power to:

  • bring hope,
  • create change,
  • make progress,
  • promote healing,
  • demonstrate inclusivity, 
  • empower,
  • and build.

You are invited to explore this this topic by joining our Quarterly Town Hall Series. We are excited to bring you subject matter experts who will have conversations with us about gratuted, inclusivity, health, and positivity. We hope you will join us

QTH 4 | Positivity | October 28, 2021

How do inclusive opportunities help children with disabilities learn and grow? Join Easterseals as we discuss the benefits of inclusive opportunities, supporting children of all abilities in their natural curiousity and discovery of others and how to create positive interatctions with caregivers of children with disabilities. Break down barriers to inclusion, hear from an Easterseals parent why the simple of act of saying "hello" can make all the difference in the world. Register here.

Did you miss a Quarterly Town Hall?

QTH 3 | Health | July 29, 2021

Dr. Houtrow shared her research in the field of equity for children with disabilities in healthcare to help us understand how we can make a difference. She challenged us to view in new light the interlocking roles of community and healthcare; to become advocates and supporters in creating greater equity for people with disabilities in our local communities.

Her top suggestion – the small act of being humble when speaking with, or working to support, an individual makes a huge impact on your ability to be an advocate and create change.

To learn how you can advocate and advance equity in healthcare in your community, Dr. Houtrow recommends the Community in Action: Pathways to Health Equity report which may be read online or downloaded for free. A section of note - the Community Tools

Please email us if you’d like to suggest a topic for an upcoming Quarterly Town Hall or have specific questions for Dr. Houtrow.

QTH 2 | Inclusion | April 29, 2021

Our second Quarterly Town Hall featured guest speaker Christine Staple Ebanks, parent/author/advocate. Christine challenged us to find ways to be more inclusive of all people – especially disabilities.

Here is a recording of the full Quarterly Town Hall meeting.

Sources from Christine’s presentation and additional resources are here.

For more about Christine, visit her website.

QTH 1 | Gratitude | January 28, 2021

For our inaugural Quarterly Town Hall, guest speaker Jennifer Lynn Robinson of Purposeful Netowrking shared strategies for incorporating gratitude into our daily lives.

Sources from Jennifer's presnetation and additional resources are here.

Here is what Jennifer Lynn Robinson had to say about incorporating the practice of daily gratitude into our lives.

Watch Jennifer’s TEDx talk about change and disruption

Learn more about Jennifer and her company

Some more reading about Gratitude:

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