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Client Spotlight: Meet Denny


2018 Denny

At 48 years old, Denny was living a full and active life.  He enjoyed spending time with his three children and two grandchildren, living with his 72 year old father, watching sports and taking classes at the local community college.  However, an unexpected trip to the emergency room changed his life forever.

Denny doesn’t remember what happened after arriving at the hospital.  He woke up confused in the Intensive Care Unit and had a tracheal tube to help him breathe.  He was told a doctor had to do surgery to remove a bowel obstruction and that there had been complications.  After a long hospital stay, we was transferred to a nursing home.

While at the nursing home, he learned about Easter Seals and the Helping Ohioans Move, Expanding Choice (HOME Choice) Program.  The program supports people of any age who would like to transition from a long-term care facility back into the community.  He worked with a  HOME Choice Transition Coordinator from Easter Seals Northern Ohio to move back to his father’s home.  Once he was successfully moved he began receiving Community Support Coaching from Jaci, an Easter Seals employee. 

“Community Support Coaching provides one-on-one coaching that guides, educates and empowers HOME Choice participants and their families,” explains Jaci. 

“When I first moved back home I was still angry at my situation and really didn’t care about what was going on,” said Denny.  “Jaci was there to encourage me when I didn’t want to do things for myself.”  In addition to assisting him with getting Social Security Disability Insurance, providing information on community resources and educating him on the Medicaid system, she also attended doctor’s appointments with Denny because he was concerned about communicating with the doctor because of his trach.

 “The HOME Choice Program gave me a second lease on life.  I am so thankful for the program and all the people that have helped me,” said Denny.  Today, Denny is confident, independent and looking forward to the future.

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