Stories of Hope

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Mark Twain

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

Brittany Dawnelle Ball


Brittany is an optimistic 27 year old young adult who loves her dog “Buckeye” and plays Pokémon Go.  She is also an inspiration to those who know her. Brittany has Cerebral Palsy and has been coming to Easterseals for 3 years for physical and occupational therapy.

New Surgery

Brittany has had two surgeries since coming to Easterseals and has just completed a third surgery for ITB therapy which is a drug delivery system used to treat muscle spasticity. The system is composed of a pump that delivers the medication through a small catheter placed into the spinal fluid space (intrathecal space) surrounding the spinal cord.

With this surgery she will be able to have greater movement and less pain. Brittany knows she will have to start again in therapy to relearn how to use her muscles. 

Brittany Dawnelle Standing

Never Stop Trying

On this journey she knows Easterseals and Dawnelle, her therapist, will be there to help her gain her independence back. She knows Dawnelle will challenge her and help achieve the goal of learning to use her muscles and walk without a walker. Brittany states that, “Dawnelle makes the difficult times fun and the hard times easier.”

Brittany will tell you to put in the work and you will achieve your goals. Her advice to anyone going through therapy, “don’t set yourself up for failure, you have to try and do your part to succeed.”

Brittany Dawnelle Steps

Brittany has started therapy again after her surgery and is on her way, with Easterseals by her side.

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