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Internship in Clinical Psychology / Fellowship in Clinical & Developmental Psychology
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In addition to direct clinical experiences and supervision, learning opportunities in the Internship in Clinical Psychology program and the Fellowship in Clinical & Developmental Psychology program will occur through didactics.

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Developmental Hour
Development of communication and cognitive skills has a significant impact on social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes from birth to death. However, many psychologists and other medical professionals have limited training in the area of early cognitive, sensory, language, and motor development, and thus struggle to fully integrate these areas into their assessment and intervention. The purpose of the Developmental Hour is to provide psychology interns, fellows, and other students/professionals with advanced training in the normal and abnormal development of individuals across the lifespan, with specific focus on children and adolescents. This didactic utilizes expertise from highly-trained professionals from other disciplines, including speech/language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, early childhood specialists, and audiologists, who have extensive experience in both assessing and intervening regarding developmental abnormalities. 

This training hour will combine presentation of scientifically-based research and practice guidelines with opportunities for questions and discussion in regard to application for clinical practice. Ultimately, this didactic is designed to provide psychology interns, fellows, and other students/professionals with enhanced education in the area of communication, socialization, behavior, language, and motor development, and also encourage increased interdisciplinary practice as a trainee and throughout professional practice. This knowledge will not only enhance their ability to practice competently, but also improve their ability as providers to speak intelligently to clients and families about referrals made to other professionals.

For the 2023-2024 schedule and curriculum for this training hour, please visit Developmental Hour - 2023-2024 Calendar.

The Ins & Outs of Professional Psychology

This didactic hour will feature professionals in the field of psychology, medicine, and education, and as well as seminal research articles / chapters from the field of psychology and medicine. The purpose is to assist interns, fellows, and other students / professionals in acquiring a greater body of knowledge pertaining to the professional practice of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on not only increasing their knowledge base as it relates to the practice of clinical psychology, but also enabling interns and fellows to be better versed in understanding other paradigms (e.g., educational law, medical practice) as they directly interact with and affect psychological practice. 

The Ins and Outs of Professional Psychology didactic hour will utilize multiple methods of teaching and learning. As noted on the schedule, some of the slots will include mental health, medical, and educational professionals presenting on topics that are central to the professional practice of psychology, especially in working with youth and families. In addition, certain sessions will specifically discuss seminal articles or chapters in the field with other interns, fellows, trainees, and faculty members / professionals. Once a month, this didactic hour will engage in what is called “Critical Topics in Psychology & Behavioral Health: Community Conversation.” This discussion will center on scientific, ethical, legal, or other central matters in the mental health field, and will incorporate a particular publication(s) that specifically ties into this matter. Ultimately, it is hoped that this didactic hour will not only provide a rich body of scientific and practice-based information, but will also serve to increase professional collegiality and community connections for the interns, fellows, other trainees, and professionals in the area.

For the 2023-2024 schedule and curriculum for this training hour, please visit The Ins & Outs of Professional Psychology - Description & Schedule.

Bridging Humanity: The Art of Unifying in a World Divided

This seminar is focused on exploring the common traits that all humans share, and how we can tap into them to better understand what it means to be human. Over the span of a year, the seminar will cover the subjects of reality, consciousness, values, morals, and traditions, amongst others, all from an internal understanding of the self using the lens of cultural diversity, scientific research, religious beliefs, and philosophical teachings.  Interwoven in this series is the chronicle of Lebanon and its people, which in many way embodies the full story of the human experience both in its strife and celebration, and all that lies in between.  The seminar will happen every first Wednesday of the month from 12-1 PM.  

This didactic is led by Dr. Rana Zayek, faculty member in the Department of Psychology & Wellness.  Dr. Zayek previously practiced for 10 years as a psychologist in Beirut, Lebanon, from 2010-2020 before moving back to the United States.  Her full bio can be found on the internship home page.

Quarterly Diversity Lecture Series

The Quarterly Diversity Lecture Series was developed as one more means of providing an atmosphere of continuous learning and diversity appreciation with the training program, department, and organization. This will be held quarterly in the Department of Psychology & Wellness, primarily on a 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8-9 AM that is workable for both the department and the speaker. Speakers will utilize virtual or the in-person option, depending on what is considered most safe and accessible. The training director and other faculty members are responsible for soliciting speakers for the series; the educational director is responsible for scheduling and coordinating the event.

The focus of the lecture series is multifold. Each presenter will speak to a specific area(s) of diversity that pertains to issues of age, culture, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and any other area that can distinguish one individual from another. The focus of the presentations is to provide (a) authentic sharing of experiences as a particular individual affected by one or more area of diversity; (b) sound, empirically-based, respectful information regarding the chosen area(s) of diversity focus; and (c) key points of discussion regarding potential myths, challenges, or future directions that lie within these areas. Presenters will not only relate these issues to the practice of psychology, but also to everyday life. Presentations will be used to encourage further learning and discussion for faculty, trainees, and department members within personal, clinical, supervisory, and administrative activities; information from presentations will also be used to encourage a continued emphasis on developing a culture and climate of multiculturalism, inclusivity, and respect.

As presenters will be secured through a variety of means and connections, individuals in the training program, department, and organization will be informed about the speaker(s) at least a month in advance. Dates for the diversity series will be solidified as soon as possible according to speaker availability.

A listing of previous speakers and topics can be found in the Quarterly Diversity Lecture Series pdf document.

Last updated: June 30, 2023

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