Living a dream by dancing

Ellie-Jane smiling close-up

When other children were learning to stand, walk and run, Ellie-Jane could only crawl. She was born with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and spina bifida. But even as a baby, Ellie-Jane was determined to reach for what she wanted. She couldn’t move her legs, so she learned to “army crawl” to her toys using only her arms. Then she started receiving Easterseals therapies – life-changing services that YOU make possible – and there was no stopping Ellie-Jane!

First Ellie-Jane learned to stand on her own. Then she learned to take steps using a walker. Then she progressed to walking with two crutches, and finally she could use just one crutch!

Along the way, Ellie-Jane dreamed of dancing. Because of her hard work and YOUR generous support of the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center, she achieved her dream last Christmas. At age 6, Ellie-Jane danced as an angel in the local production of the Children’s Nutcracker ballet!

After she had heel surgery to improve her walking ability, Ellie-Jane had to use a wheelchair temporarily. But she worked very hard in therapy four times a week at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center. She was back on her feet ahead of schedule, and now at age 7, she's walking independently without a crutch! Sometimes her parents even have to remind her to slow down!

Ellie-Jane is also working toward new goals, including learning to skip with her brother and her friends. She even talks about doing a cartwheel someday.

THANK YOU for making it possible for Ellie-Jane to dance AND to dream! Because of YOU, this determined little girl – and so many other local children and adults – can keep reaching new goals for independence!

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