Evan's goals are within reach!

Evan Carter square close-up from 2023 in striped shirt

Evan was born with severe to profound hearing loss and Easterseals has always been a part of his life. As a baby, Evan received Easterseals audiology services, hearing aids, and speech therapy—all essential first steps in learning to communicate.

After a cochlear implant at 18 months of age, Evan needed help to make sense of the new sounds he was hearing. The solution was long term, highly specialized speech-language therapy with Easterseals. By age 2, Evan was talking!

Evan attended the inclusive Easterseals Early Learning Center until he was 4, reaching developmental milestones and getting ready for kindergarten. Evan thrived throughout elementary school and “graduated” from Easterseals speech-language therapy just before his 11th birthday.

Evan is now 12 years old and a seventh-grader at Evansville’s Washington Middle School, where the communication skills he learned from Easterseals are helping him succeed. He’s doing great in his classes, has lots of friends, and loves playing sports. Basketball is his favorite! He was on his sixth grade team last year and will try out for the junior varsity this winter. Evan is also one of the very first members of the school’s new step team! This outgoing young man is ready to shine!

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