Declan loves helping others.

Declan Chavis square close-up with yellow shirt and big smile

Declan is a loving, affectionate, and empathetic 4-year-old with big emotions. When he started attending the Easterseals Early Learning Center, his mom, Bri, was a bit nervous. Would Declan feel welcome? Would he make friends? Would he connect with his teachers? Bri’s fears quickly faded away on the first day of school.

“Declan immediately gravitated to his teacher, Ms. Monich,” Bri said. “She made him feel so welcome the very first day. He absolutely loves her and also Ms. Stacey and Ms. Dana.” Now Declan can’t wait to get to school every day! “I love hearing about all the fun activities they do in class, seeing pictures, and hearing Declan tell me about his day with joy in his voice!” Bri said.

Declan is thriving in ELC’s inclusive environment. “I find that the staff focuses on positives, and I love that about this school,” Bri said. Declan is learning to channel his big feelings into constructive actions, creative projects, and one of his favorite things - helping others! He has become a caring friend to other children at ELC. His empathetic nature has made him an excellent peer buddy for several classmates with special needs. Declan demonstrates leadership skills and is patient, kind, and supportive of all his friends with differing abilities.

“We are so happy with the Easterseals Early Learning Center,” Bri said. “I cannot thank them enough for the love, support, and guidance they are displaying for Declan!”

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