Ariana: Onward and upward toward independence

Ariana K, age 7, close-up photo

When she was born, Ariana faced a long road. A rare genetic syndrome, a stroke, and developmental delays made it tough to reach important milestones. From the start, Easterseals therapists were here to help Ariana on her journey!

By age 4, Ariana had already achieved several challenging goals in therapy. She was gaining enough strength and balance to stand on her own. She had progressed from using a walker to taking a few steps with a single crutch. She was even learning to ride a tricycle with adaptive pedals. And it was just the beginning!

Ariana is now 7 years old, and this determined little girl has made amazing progress! Now she rides a tricycle with regular pedals, and there’s no stopping her as she travels the halls at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center!

Another huge accomplishment – now Ariana walks without help! In fact, during a recent field trip with her first grade class, she walked all over Mesker Park Zoo to see the animals! Ariana can jump, walk up ramps, and climb stairs. At home, she goes upstairs to her bedroom all by herself. She also keeps up with her little sister when they play on the slide in their backyard – Ariana loves going up the steps and sliding down without any help.

Ariana’s next big step is learning to go DOWN stairs independently. You can be sure that Ariana will keep working hard to reach new goals and achieve her greatest potential at home, at school, and beyond.

The journey to greater independence continues, and thanks to support from a caring community, Easterseals will be here for Ariana every step of the way!

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