Amber shares her sparkling personality in a brand new way.

Nine-year-old Amber Montgomery was born with a significant hearing loss and cerebral palsy. Those conditions affect Amber’s ability to speak, but they don’t stop her from sharing her thoughts and feelings with the world!

Amber’s journey to communication began by attending the Dan & Nancy Mitchell Therapeutic Preschool at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center. She was a very social preschooler and easily charmed her classmates with her huge smiles! Amber’s friends soon learned that her favorite things included doll babies, and they would happily assist her in playing with them. Amber loved being “in charge” of music during musical chairs, and she always laughed as she used an adapted switch to start and stop the music.

Now Amber is finding a new way to share her wants and needs, through the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center’s Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) program. Amber is learning to use a communication device – much like a computer tablet – in therapy, at home, and in her third grade classroom.

Amber selects symbols, pictures, and words on the touch screen, and the device “speaks” for her. It’s a lengthy learning process. Amber works with Easterseals Speech/Language Pathologist Susan Turley every week to develop her language skills. Amber even demonstrated what she has learned on the Easterseals Telethon!

Amber is still a big fan of baby dolls, so she loves using her device to play a vocabulary game using words like baby, diaper, stinky, eat, drink, milk, bottle, sleep and crib. She has a great sense of humor!

Because of the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center, Amber can now “talk” as she plays, learns, and achieves greater independence!

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Last updated: February 8, 2022

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