Medical Rehabilitation

Easter Seals Eastern Pennsylvania provides physical and occupational therapy for children and teens on an outpatient basis in Berks County.  Our specialty medical clinics offer the quality services of medical professionals to work with children who have complex medical needs.  We provide a holistic approach that is individualized for the needs of each child.

If you are concerned that your child’s development may not be progressing as expected, be sure to visit Make the First Five Count: a free screening program for children from birth through age 5 to identify potential developmental delays. If a delay is suspected, our team will connect you with local resources that can help.

Outpatient Therapy: Easterseals offers outpatient physical and occupational therapy for children and teens at our location in Reading.  Children receive help with coordination, handwriting, social skills, and sensory integration. Others work on walking, flexibility, balance and receive help with wheelchairs and walkers. Services are provided during the day and after school at our George Street location in Reading. If your loved one needs outpatient therapy, please call 610-289-0114 x404 to find out more. 

Occupational Therapists

In addition to working on your child’s fine motor skills, the OT promotes self-help skills like feeding and dressing. The OT can help your child learn to eat foods that differ in texture, taste, color and/or smell. OTs also work on attention and play skills, helping the child expand his interests, transition from one activity to another, and learn to interact with other children and adults. OTs also provide help with sensory integration and hand writing.

Physical Therapists
The PT helps children develop the muscles need to be able to sit, crawl, roll over, hold up his head, walk and more. Goals are developed with each individual child’s specific needs – and his and his family’s goals – in the forefront. For kids with autism spectrum disorder, PT can help address poor muscle tone, balance, and coordination as children with ASD frequently experience challenges with motor skills such as sitting, walking, running, or jumping.

Specialty Clinics: Specialists from Berks County and the Philadelphia area come to Easterseals at our location in Reading to provide free care to children who need these services. Clinics include orthopedics, neurology, and feeding. In addition, two different orthotic specialists provide services at Easterseals where they make custom orthotic braces for kids of all ages. If you are interested in learning more about our clinics, please call 610-289-0114 x407.

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