Board Membership and Leadership Volunteers

Your Invitation to Effect Change

Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors or serving as a leadership volunteer on a committee? Read more about what it means to serve and then complete our online application to be considered.

Board Membership: Making an Impact

As we search for new members, we strive for diversity in all its forms, including diversity of thought, to make sure that our board represents the work we do and the community we serve. Above all else, we seek members who are engaged and committed, and want to invest their time, treasure and talent toward our mission.

The board meets 5 times a year, in February, April, June, September and December. Meetings take place by videoconferencing and in person at locations in Kutztown, Reading and Allentown.

The Board’s focus is on governance, increasing awareness and fundraising.

Governance: the emphasis is on overall strategic direction, financial performance, policy review, and other high-level impact areas. The staff is responsible for agency operations.

Increasing awareness: board members leverage their networks on behalf of Easterseals by making introductions, hosting small awareness-raising gatherings, and being an ambassador for our mission.

Fundraising: board members individually identify how they can make an impact. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a model that supports each member’s strengths, interests, and time availability. Board members make a meaningful annual gift. Where possible, they are encouraged to become members of the President’s Council, a national designation for donors who give $1,000 a year or more. Board members support Easterseals events by attending, volunteering and helping in other important ways.

Committee Membership for Leadership Volunteers

Sitting on a committee is a great way to make an impact and offers the opportunity to get to know us better, and requires less of a time commitment. We currently have seven active committees:

Finance: provides oversight for the organization’s finances; reviews the organizational budget and recommends it to board for approval (meets 5 times per year).

Audit: reviews audit processes and outcomes (meets 1 time per year).

Investment: ensures that Easterseals assets are safe and responsibly invested (meets 1 time per year).

401K: ensures that the 401k investments are safe and responsibly invested and that Easterseals is in full compliance (meets 1 time per year).

Friend-raising and stewardship: helps spread the word about Easterseals, our mission and our impact. Also ensures current donors stay connected and engaged (meets 5 times per year).

Individual and corporate: helps identify and cultivate new individual and corporate relationships to spur new philanthropic investment in Easterseals (meets 5 times per year).

Policy review: reviews human resource policies for board approval (meets as needed).

Governance: helps recruit board members and ensures overall effective governance (meets 5 times per year).

To learn more about Easterseals or about board service, contact Mindy McCormick, DSW, President & CEO, by email or phone 610-289-0114 x210.

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