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What does Easter Seals do?
Easter Seals Superior California primarily provides rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. In addition to programs that include traditional forms of therapy services we have programs that offer support services for clients and their families, education programs for community members, work training programs and equipment loan programs.

Who do you serve?
Easter Seals serves infants, children and adults with disabilities through a variety of programs and services. Learn more about the programs and services Easter Seals Superior California offers.
Do you only serve people in low-income groups?
No, Easter Seals programs and services are available to people of all different income levels. In some cases, our programs may focus on providing assistance to specific income groups, but programs are always available to any person meeting the client criteria

Are you a Christian charity?
No, Easter Seals Superior California is not affiliated with any religious organization.
What areas do you serve?
Easter Seals Superior California serves the counties of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tuolumne, Yolo and Yuba.
Are you all volunteers?
No, because of the types of services that Easter Seals offers many of our positions are filled by highly educated professional staff. Volunteers work for Easter Seals in a number of ways including program assistance, special events, and administrative support. To read about job opportunities, click here!
Is Easter Seals a national organization?
Yes, Easter Seals Superior California is one of 132 Easter Seals affiliates servicing the United States and Puerto Rico. Easter Seals, Inc. serves a combined total of more than one million people each year.  Learn more about Easter Seals National.
How are you funded?
Easter Seals receives funding in a number of different ways. Those sources include federal, state and local governments, corporate and individual donors, foundations, and work contracts. Read our Annual report for more financial information.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers we hear at Easterseals. If you have another question or would like to request more information about Easterseals, feel free to use our online form to contact us. Thanks for your interest!

What is Easterseals?

For nearly 100 years Easterseals has been the indispensable resource for people and families facing disability, offering a wide range of services and supports nationwide. Now, as America faces a broad range of new issues, we are especially committed to making major, positive, life-changing differences in the lives of people and families facing today’s disabilities. The work we do every day is redefining disabilities for the 21st century and changing the way the world defines and views disabilities by making positive and profound differences in people’s lives every day.

What types of services does Easterseals provide?

Our best in class, inclusive services are provided through a network of 73 local Easterseals in communities nationwide, plus four international partners in Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. Easterseals offers hundreds of home and community based services and supports—categorized into five distinct support areas: Live, Learn, Work, Play and Act. Connect with your local Easterseals to see what services are offered near you.

Are Easterseals services limited to specific types of disabilities?

No. We serve a wide range of disabilities, both visible and invisible. Across the nation, we remove physical, cultural, attitudinal and legal obstacles so people with disabilities have every opportunity to live meaningful and productive lives, on their own terms. We exist to provide the best services and opportunities for people with disabilities in communities nationwide.

How many people receive Easterseals services each year?

More than one million people benefit from Easterseals services across a network of 73 affiliates in communities nationwide. Additionally, Easterseals helps more than 100,000 physicians, therapists and other professionals learn ways to improve services for people with disabilities through professional education programs.

How is Easterseals supported financially?

To make our services accessible to as many people as possible, Easterseals relies on public contributions. Public contributions help cover the difference between actual program costs and what our clients can afford.

Easterseals is a Section 501(c)(3) organization that also receives funding from a variety of other sources, including private insurers, government agencies and fee-for-service.

Easterseals exceeds all of the Standards for Charity Accountability set by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

Find out how you can help us take on disability and continue to provide indispensable resources.

What does my donation to Easterseals support?

As a national non-profit organization with a federated structure, Easterseals financial profile is represented correctly only when the national headquarters (Easterseals, Inc.) and its 73 affiliate organizations are shown in a consolidated whole. By nature, Easterseals, Inc. is meant to be more administrative and exists largely to support our 73 affiliates by efficiently building brand, philanthropy and advocacy to benefit our whole organization. Whereas, our 73 affiliates are in hundreds of communities, providing direct services and programs, and making a profound difference in people’s lives every day. As a whole organization, nearly 90% of our funding is invested in programs and direct services nationwide.
Easterseals, Inc. is proud to put your donations to work effectively by investing nearly 80% of Easterseals, Inc.’s funding in our programs and services, 17-18% in fundraising efforts and the remaining 4% is used for administrative and management purposes.

How large is the Easterseals organization?

Today and every day, Easterseals offers positive and profound programs and services to more than a million people and families living with a disability annually. Our unique, inclusive services are provided through a network of 73 affiliates in communities nationwide, plus four international partners in Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. Easterseals offers hundreds of home and community based services and supports.

Is Easterseals a non-profit organization?

Yes. Easterseals is a non-profit provider of health and human services, incorporated under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Does Easterseals have a religious affiliation?

No. Easterseals is not affiliated with any religion and does not discriminate. At the core of the Easterseals organization is a common passion for caring, shared by our staff, volunteers and by those who support our mission.

What are Easter "seals"?

Easter "seals" are stamp-like seals that were first created in 1934 to raise money for services benefiting children with disabilities. Then known as the National Society for Crippled Children, the organization was re-named "Easterseals" in 1967, reflecting the public's awareness and acceptance of the campaign.

Do Easter "seals" still exist today?

Yes. In fact, Easterseals mails seals to more than 19 million households across the country every year, raising over $13 million to support services to people and families with disabilities.

How can I volunteer?

Easterseals' continued success in providing services to people with disabilities would not be possible without volunteers! Your time, energy and heart will inspire and touch the lives of those we serve. Your personal commitment enhances the services we provide to our clients nationwide. Search for a volunteer opportunity in your area.

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