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Assistive Technology Solutions - ATS

Assistive technology products and services can create a whole new world of opportunity and independence for individuals with physical disabilities. Assistive Technology Solutions (ATS) at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center is a regional leader in assistive and complex rehabilitation technology, empowering people with disabilities with greater control over their lives.

A team of rehabilitation engineers and technologists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists provide evaluations, demonstrations, and training on a variety of assistive devices.  Assistive Technology Solutions (ATS) aids individuals in accessing funding sources and obtaining the equipment they need to live more independently.  For additional information, please visit the ATS Web site at www.assistive-tech.com,  contact us online or call 812-492-0659.

Mobility and Seating Systems
Seating in a comfortable, supported position is critical to individuals who spend their waking hours in a wheelchair. The Easterseals Rehabilitation Center utilizes seating simulation, pressure sensing, verbal and physical feedback to provide maximum seating comfort and function. The seating system is matched with the appropriate wheeled base, either manual or power propelled via switch, joystick, or sip-and-puff technology, based upon each individual's needs.

Home Modifications
Many people with disabilities desire to remain at home but may have difficulty with transfers or activities of daily living due to physical limitations. Our Rehabilitation Technologist can evaluate a person’s home environment and make recommendations for home modifications. The modifications can allow a person with a disability to remain living safely, functionally and comfortably at home.

Computer Access
The ability to access and use a computer opens a whole new world for children and adults with disabilities in the work, school and home environments. A wide variety of hardware and software can maximize a person's ability to successfully use a computer for education, employment, and social interaction.

Environmental Controls
Children and adults with disabilities may not have the ability to operate everyday mechanical or electrical devices, such as phones, battery-operated toys, DVD players, or heating and air conditioning systems. The Easterseals Rehabilitation Center can customize systems that maximize a person's ability to operate devices in their immediate environment, reducing their dependence on others and increasing their self-reliance.

Low Vision Technology
ATS is fully equipped to help individuals with vision impairments live, learn and work more independently. Our expanded capabilities - from consultations and evaluations to computer system installation, training and support - are provided through a partnership with Easterseals Crossroads.  Today's latest technology includes:

Job Accommodation
Many adults with disabilities or work-related injuries desire to remain active and productive members of the workforce. The Easterseals Rehabilitation Center's rehab technologist can evaluate work sites and utilize technical training, customized seating, environmental controls, ergonomics, and computer access, enabling individuals to work safely, comfortably and productively.

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