Individual Placement & Support

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a model of supported employment for people with serious mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia spectrum disorder, bipolar, depression). IPS supported employment helps people living with behavioral health conditions work at regular jobs of their choosing. Although variations of supported employment exist, IPS refers to the evidence-based practice of supported employment. Mainstream education and technical training are included as ways to advance career paths.

IPS is based on 8 principles:

  • COMPETITIVE EMPLOYMENT - Jobs anyone can apply for, pay at least minimum wage/same pay as coworkers with similar duties, and have no artificial time limits imposed by the social service agency.

  • SYSTEMATIC JOB DEVELOPMENT - Employment specialists systematically visit employers, who are selected based on the job seeker’s preferences, to learn about their business needs and hiring preferences.

  • RAPID JOB SEARCH - IPS programs use a rapid job search approach to help job seekers obtain jobs rather than assessments, training, & counseling. The first face to face contact with the employer occurs within 30 days.

  • INTEGRATED SERVICES - IPS programs are integrated with mental health treatment teams. Employment specialists attach to 1 or 2 mental health treatment teams, which discuss their caseload.

  • BENEFITS PLANNING - Employment specialists help people obtain personalized, understandable, and accurate information about their Social Security, Medicaid, and other government entitlements.

  • ZERO EXCLUSION - People are not excluded on the basis of readiness, diagnoses, symptoms, substance use history, psychiatric hospitalizations, homelessness, level of disability, or legal system involvement.

  • TIME-UNLIMITED SUPPORTS - Job supports are individualized and continue for as long as each worker wants and needs the support. Employment Specialist have face to face contact at least monthly.

  • WORKER PREFERENCES - IPS program services are based on each job seeker’s preferences and choices rather than the employment specialist’s and supervisor’s judgments.

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