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For Immediate Release

Moving Beyond His Past

Jason was referred to the Easterseals Southeastern Wisconsin Individual Placement and Support (IPS) program March of 2020. At the time of the referral, he was homeless and seeking work on his own but facing hurdles of mental health concerns, having a criminal background, and getting placed by an employment service at jobs that did not properly fit his abilities. Jason and Linda (his IPS Employment Specialist) began meeting on a weekly basis to discuss his abilities, his work tolerance, appropriate work schedule, learning communication skills for interviews as well as on the job, how to develop his resume, online applications, employer expectations, and most of all the type of job he would like to at work. Linda coached Jason on how to discuss his background and how he is different than the individual who had encounters with law enforcement.

Linda connected Jason with resources such as:

  • Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to assist with offsetting cost such as uniforms as well as transportation to and from work, provide recommendations of job openings, and offer incentives to possible employers.  
  • Aging Disability Resource Center (ADRC) to support him in applying for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).
  • Federal Bonding program (FBP) to offer incentive to the employer as the program was designed to re-imburse employer for any loss due to the employee theft or money or property during the first six months of employment.

Jason and Linda comprised at cover letter that included the programs he was working with and an explanation of Federal Bonding and DVR program.

Jason was hired at small factory making pallets but worked half of his shift when discovered the job was impacting him physically. He then went back to the drawing board with Linda and Jason decided to look at cleaning. After applying and interviewing at multiple companies he was hired with a cleaning company for a local department store. Jason now enjoys his job and has become so good he assists in training new employees. His employment, as well as SSDI benefits have enabled him to move out of the homeless shelter to a one-bedroom apartment and he loves the new independence of living on his own.

(Photo of Jason in his new apartment.)

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