Kendra writing at her deskMay 31, 2022

Dear Friends:

Our nation is in a perpetual state of grieving over the deaths of victims of gun violence, which plays out daily across our nation. We are deeply saddened and shaken by the news of the latest mass shootings and share the pain of these families, who are our neighbors and part of our community. The Easterseals National Office and our Network of 70 Affiliates extend heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the families of the victims, their friends, and communities.

The increasingly common incidence of mass shootings gives us pause and prompts our condemnation of such senseless acts of violence. Easterseals' mission is to ensure equitable access and inclusion for all people with disabilities, and we must take an interest in the broader issues that can influence our work.

Our Affiliates provide many essential services and on-the-ground supports to more than 1.5 million people annually through programs for the critical first five years of life. They also offer many other necessary services that can help improve the quality of life through adulthood that can be accessed here.

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope with this tragedy, we offer mental health and emotional support resources, which may be accessed here.

Ensuring the safety and security of all staff and program participants is a critical priority. It is a stark reality that we must continue to account for safety at unparalleled levels. Easterseals will consistently improve protocols and procedures to keep pace with our communities' evolving challenges.

We recognize that gun control is a major public and deeply personal issue. While Easterseals does not work in this space, we encourage all our teams to urge lawmakers to do everything in their power to provide Americans greater protection against random acts of gun violence.

Whatever your views, please consider helping people access support services in your community, such as the ones that Easterseals provides. And if you feel compelled, please join the nation's efforts to protect families from senseless future gun violence.


Kendra E. Davenport
President & CEO