We are proud of our record of putting your donations to work effectively.

More than 90 percent of Easter Seals’ revenue supports services in the area where funds are raised.

In the fiscal year ending August 31, 2004, Easter Seals directly served a half million children and adults with disabilities or special needs. This number nearly triples when the families of those we serve are taken into account. Services address the needs of children and adults who are disabled at birth, through injury or illness, and by the functional limitations experienced in the aging process.

How Your Gifts Are Spent

As of August 31, 2004, combined functional expenses of $785,858,000 were allocated to:

Combined Functional Expenses Pie Chart
  • Program Services Total:
  •   86.1%
        - Direct Services (81.2%)
        - Public Health Education and Training (4.9%)

  • Supporting Services Total:
  •   13.9%
        - Fund Raising (3.8%)
        - Management and General (10.1%)

    Easter Seals 2004 total public support and revenue of $812,692,000 funds programs and services through 550 locations nationwide, including:

    • 285 Medical and rehabilitation programs offering physical and occupational therapy services, speech therapy and audiology, outpatient medical rehabilitation, social work/case management, nursing, and early intervention. In fiscal 2004, 184,238 children and adults received therapy and medical rehabilitation.
    • 123 Job training and employment sites providing vocational evaluation and assessment, work adjustment/employee development, job placement, employment planning, occupational skills training, senior community service employment program, school-to-work transitions, and assistive technologies for community-based and supportive employment. In fiscal 2004, 34,617 adults received job training and employment services.
    • 230 Early education and care sites across the country, providing developmental monitoring, early child development services, inclusive child care programs, developmental pre-school programs, and school-aged children's services. In fiscal 2004, 62,470 children received services.
    • 83 Child Development Centers in the network
    • 120 Adult and senior service programs across the country with adult day services, assisted living programs, and inhome care designed to address the growing needs of older adults and their families. In fiscal 2004, 10,148 adults and seniors received care.
    • 56 Residential housing programs supporting individuals with disabilities or other special needs living in their communities. In fiscal 2004, 3,072 children and adults received residential care.
    • 90 Camping and recreation programs nationwide including day camps, recreation programs and residential camping for children and adults with disabilities or other special needs. In fiscal 2004, 34,397 children and adults enjoyed these programs.
    • 218 Support services programs providing organized support groups, equipment loan and assistive technology, financial aid assistance, transportation programs, public health education, professional health education, information and referral services, and other support services. In fiscal 2004, 221,044 people received support services.

    Disabilities served include: speech, language and hearing disorders; spinal cord injury; stroke; head trauma; amputation; developmental disabilities; learning disabilities; polio; spina bifida; cerebral palsy; muscular dystrophy; and Alzheimer’s disease. Easter Seals also assists families with disability screening and preventative programs.

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