Girl with walker smiling

Vivian has a sweet smile and a subtle confidence that is captivating. She is four years old and attends the Friendship Academy. The program is perfect for keeping this bright girl on pace educationally, while also providing the physical and occupational therapy she needs as a result of her cerebral palsy. Her fine motor skills have really improved as a result. She began attending The Friendship Academy when she was three and she loves it here! Vivian knows all of her letters and numbers. Some of her favorite things are music therapy and having a job in class…the most coveted of all is line leader. And here’s a fun fact, she loves lima beans, and has been know to ask for steak and lima beans for dinner. Vivian also loves pretend play, especially pretending to be a nurse, likely because of all the wonderful connections she has made in her life. She is very nurturing and, as her mom puts it, quite the spitfire! We can’t think of a better combination.

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