Boy smiling with arms in the air sitting in toy car with a bow on it

Tyrese has the most gorgeous eyes and the way he looks at his mom could melt your heart. This sweet seven-year-old has cerebral palsy and attended Easterseals in Philadelphia from age three to six. His mom says the minute they toured the classroom, he fit right in and they never looked back. While he attended Easterseals, his speech improved dramatically, he learned to use a gait trainer and began sitting independently, even going so far as to claim his own spot on the couch. He loves to watch Barney and sports. He has a love of all sports (except for golf) but especially basketball and wresting and tries to play ball in the house with his dad (his hero) whenever he can. Tyrese served as one of our Ambassadors for the 2019 Walk With Me and also stole the show, so to speak, when he received a battery-operated jeep that was customized for him by an extraordinary team of volunteers at the Comcast Car Build.

This fall, Tyrese began attending the Widener School and he loves it! According to his mom, the transition has been wonderful. He loves to read in class and sing with his friends at school. He is stringing more words together and is always showing off how well he knows his vowels. He is also doing very well at wearing his glasses and using the potty more. His passion for wrestling and his magnetic smile are unchanged. Tyrese has also embraced the mobility his new car has allowed him. He drives it around the house and when he’s ready for some down time, he pulls up in front of the tv and parks for a while. It is a simple pleasure made possible by countless extraordinary people.

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