boy on a swing

Jameson is a charming four-year-old with a gentle energy that is captivating. When his mom noticed changes in his milestone achievements, she trusted her instincts and pushed to have him evaluated for autism. With an official diagnosis a few months before he turned three, his parents were able to begin turning obstacles into opportunities. He moved from a daycare setting to the Easterseals Approved Private School and his teacher, therapists and family look toward what is possible for Jameson. With that perspective, he has become much more social and is learning to use a communication device. He loves coming to school and especially loves the playground. He also loves to dance and has an eclectic musical taste that ranges from Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran to Tyler The Creator Christmas songs. His true passion is trains. He puts them everywhere and has a fun tradition of following them in the car with his grandparents. Of course, riding the trains in Phillipsburg and Strasburg is the ultimate adventure. At home he loves being with big sister Molly, jumping off the couch onto his crash pad and water play. In the summer, he really enjoys going to Bethany Beach with his family. When you meet him, you’ll see why it’s so easy to hop on the Jameson train to see the journey ahead for him.

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