A new world for Grayson

Grayson Carter smiling in square cropped photo

Two years ago, Grayson was born into a silent world. Specialized testing at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center revealed a severe/profound hearing loss. Almost immediately, an entire team of caring Easterseals professionals became a part of Grayson’s life.

Soon Grayson was learning to recognize and imitate sounds in Easterseals speech therapy sessions. At the Easterseals Early Learning Center, he started interacting with classmates of all abilities while reaching developmental goals. Before his first birthday, Grayson received his first hearing aids from Easterseals. All of these services were important steps on the road to communication!

Now two-year-old Grayson says about 50 words, and it won’t be long before he’s talking non-stop! In November of 2022, he received two cochlear implants at a regional children’s hospital. The devices will dramatically improve Grayson’s hearing, but it will take time and training for him to make sense of the new sounds and build his language skills. Fortunately, Grayson’s Easterseals speech-language pathologist specializes in this unique type of therapy, which involves family members in every session. Soon Grayson will experience a whole new world of communication!

While each step is a new adventure for Grayson, it’s a familiar journey for his mom Diamond and 11-year-old brother Evan. They were both born with the same hearing loss that affects Grayson, and both have traveled a life-changing path with Easterseals. “It means everything to me, knowing that Easterseals is here for Grayson, too,” Diamond said. “Now it’s his turn to make his own journey, and we are here to ride with him!”

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