Legacy Society Members

Carole Bailey
David Bennett
Russell Boseck
Greg Brennan
Rochelle Burnett
Dennis Burns
Rita Christianson
Judy and Jack Church
Don and Mary Coffin
SherRee Engles
Sari Farquhar
Ernie and Jan Gruwell
Carol and LeRoy Haberl
Richard Henstorf
Germaine Hoeger
Linda Hofreiter
Kevin and Lori Howe
Linda Johnson-Lundquist
Shannon Langan
David and Amy Lester
Tracey Mayland
Dennis Michener
Don and Lynn Morris
Jim Mowrer
Sherri and Jason Nielsen
Amanda and Aaron Nuzum
Rose Oiger
Deborah Pape
Sue Pearson
Katie and Kevin Peck
Mary Jo and Dave Rapp
Marlene Scarlett
Cathleen Simpson
Kevin Small
Duane Smith
Kevin Sporer
Amy and Randy Stevens
Kris and Ed Stracke
Eric and Jenny Taylor
Dorothy Winkey
Deborah and Harold Wissink
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