Pre-placement, Placement, and Post-placement Services

Erica Placement Services

Easterseals partners with the State of Connecticut Department of Aging and Disability Services to offer a variety of Pre-placement, Placement, and Post-placement services to assist individuals with disabilities achieve their career goals.

Pre-placement Services

Pre-placement services are designed to prepare individuals to begin their career path. Often people can benefit from brushing up on various soft skills and updating their job seeking and interview techniques. These services require a referral from the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, are available to individuals with physical or psychiatric disabilities, and are currently offered in the Greater Hartford Area.

Pre-placement services can include:

  • Interview preparation
  • Mock interviewing
  • Job shadowing
  • Work-readiness training
  • Trial work experiences

Placement Services

Placement services are designed to assist individuals procure paid, competitive employment. There are a number strategies available to assist people in doing so.

Placement services can include:

  • Competitive placement opportunities
  • Direct hire
  • On-the-job training

Post-placement Services

Post-placement services are designed to assist participants maintain employment.

Post-placement services can include:

  • Job coaching
  • Advocacy and negotiation with employers

For more information or to get started with our Career Development Services please contact Dan Bracken at 860-270-0600 x212 or

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