Autism Services

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in early childhood and affects how people interact with others, communicate, learn, and behave. According to the CDC, 1 in 36 children in the U.S. have Autism, up from the previous rate of 1 in 44. 1 in 45 adults in the U.S. have Autism. In the U.S., about 4 in 100 boys and 1 in 100 girls have Autism.

EastersealsInc. is the country's leading provider of services for people with Autism.

We offer services to assess, diagnose, treat, and support children, young adults, and their families who are struggling with understanding and managing behaviors. The collaboration of all parties involved helps to ensure that the individual's plan of care is consistent across different environments. 

Our Medical Rehabilitation & Behavioral Health and Neuropsychology Departments offer many services that can help address concerns a patient or their caregiver may have related to Autism. Effective treatment of the challenging behaviors associated with Autism requires multi-provider involvement, better understanding and support, and focused parental education. 

Programs include:


PEERS®, Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relationship Skills, was created by UCLA and uses evidence-based social skills training intervention. Social skills are taught through didactic lessons, role-play demonstrations, and practicing skills during group activities.


Neuropsychology services can assist with:

  • assessment and diagnosis of ASD
  • providing a framework for understanding of the complex behaviors associated with ASD
  • offering a blueprint of treatment recommendations, which may include academic and school accommodations, individual therapies, and social skills training

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can address:

  • gross motor skills
  • strength, posture, and balance

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can address:

  • activities of daily living such as feeding and dressing
  • sensory integration
  • independent living (involves living in their own apartment or house with little, if any, support. Services may assist with complex problem-solving, money management, and/or budgeting.) 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can address:

  • social pragmatics such as body language, facial expressions, gestures
  • social communication and conversational skills
  • augmentative and alternative communication devices

Counseling, Therapy, and Case Management

Social services, including counseling and case management, can:

  • link parents and families with resources
  • provide advocacy
  • support emotional identification and regulation

Click here to view our Autism Services brochure. For more information or to get started with our autism services, please contact us at 860-270-0600 x100 or

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