Grayson's Mission Moment

Grayson - Mission Moment

I am Easterseals.

At the age of 3, Grayson embarked on a transformative journey with Easterseals, as he was exhibiting limited expressive language that prompted concern from his parents. There were observations of him not using his tongue effectively in his speech, but started to make sounds.

Guiding Grayson through this pivotal stage, Easterseals Infant-Toddler Specialists have witnessed not only a remarkable surge in Grayson's expressive language but also notable improvements in his social behavior over the past few months. It took approximately one month for Grayson to overcome his initial hesitancy and "come out of his shell." Through engaging in games promoting turn-taking and activities fostering sharing and concentration, he began making sounds such as "oh" and "Ready, Set, Go." Successively, his vocabulary underwent a remarkable expansion. Initially characterized by limited and mostly unintelligible speech, Grayson now articulates clear words and adeptly answers questions using at least two words.

In addition to advancements in his expressive language, Grayson's social behavior has undergone positive transformations. Initially shy and somewhat withdrawn, his mother recently revealed that he is now enrolled in a Mommy and Me class. Grayson actively participates in the class, following the teacher's instructions and engaging with other children, displaying newfound social confidence.

During his sessions, Grayson has shown a particular fondness for an alphabet puzzle, and he now spells his name correctly, demonstrating cognitive and linguistic growth. Easterseals is thrilled to continue monitoring Grayson's development, celebrating the strides he has made in both language acquisition and social engagement.

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*This program is generously funded by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County.

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