The Families in Training (FIT) Behavioral Therapy Mission Moment


I am Easterseals.

This success story revolves around a 7-year-old girl who embarked on a transformative journey through an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) program. When the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) conducted the initial assessment, the caregiver described the girl as intelligent and bright but needing guidance in functional living skills such as brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, and getting dressed. Despite being fully capable of speaking, she was unable to order her food when prompted in the community.

After the first three months in the program, the girl became completely independent at home, brushing her teeth and hair without any prompts. One of the most touching milestones was when she learned to braid her hair with her mother's help. Witnessing them work together to complete the task and seeing the joy on her face as she admired her braid in the mirror was a priceless experience, according to the BCBA.

During their last session, the girl, her mother, and the BCBA went to Panera Bread to work on a significant challenge: ordering a cookie at the register. They had attempted this several times before but had been unsuccessful. As they approached the counter, the mother gently reminded her daughter, "Okay, now all we have to say is, ‘Can I have a cookie, please?’ and you get the cookie. But if you don’t ask the employee, you don’t earn the cookie.” The girl shed a few tears, took a deep breath, and bravely asked the employee for a cookie. Her family erupted in cheers, and the girl was overjoyed.

This program not only taught the parent ABA principles but also made a profound, positive impact on the girl's life, equipping her with essential life skills and boosting her confidence and independence.

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*This program is is fully funded by Orange County Government

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