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Stories of Hope

Meet Alex

SOH Alex Alex began weekly speech therapy services with Easterseals just before his second birthday. At the start of therapy, he was babbling occasionally and using three signs consistently to communicate with his family. He was not independently producing sounds or words, following one-step directions or identifying objects and people. After six months of therapy, his communication skills are flourishing.
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Meet Caleb

Picture of Caleb with a truck At 18 months, Caleb began receiving speech therapy from Easterseals—his only word was “car.” Now Caleb knows more than 200 words and he keeps progressing every day. Check out Caleb’s story to learn how Easterseals helps children and their families reach their fullest potential.
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Meet Chasity

SOH Chasity Chasity has been attending Easterseals Camp Growing Green, our overnight camp, for the past two years. At first, she was reluctant to go to camp because she had never stayed away from home by herself. However, Chasity soon discovered that she is more self-sufficient and independent than she realized.
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Meet Christian

Story of hope Christian One of the effects of Christian's cerebral palsy was that his speech was very limited. Before turning to Easterseals, he was unable to produce clear words and had a hard time letting his family know what he needed and what he was thinking and feeling. His inability to communicate made life very difficult for Christian and his family, particularly in combination with other concerns related to his disability.
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Meet Lauren

Story of Hope Lauren Lauren attends Easterseals Camp Growing Green overnight summer camp. Attending camp is the only time Lauren spends the night away from home and she cherishes the freedom it provides. This also means Lauren’s grandmother, her primary caregiver, receives a much needed and well-deserved break to re-energize. She can truly enjoy it because she is confident that Lauren is well cared for and happy at camp.
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Meet Leah

Story of Hope Leah Leah was born with Joubert Syndrome, a rare condition characterized by underdevelopment of the cerebellum, low muscle tone and delayed development and speech. She began receiving our early intervention services just after her first birthday. Every week, her parents see progress and continue to set new milestones for her development.
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Meet Lexi

Story of Hope Lexi Lexi is lively and energetic and thrives on events and activities. She is always planning and looking forward to the next thing on the calendar. Among her favorite activities are two Easterseals programs: Camp Lily and Saturday Respite. According to Lexi’s mom, “I have always known that the phrase — it takes a village to raise a child — is true. Easterseals is a very important part of Lexi’s village. It takes a lot to support a typical child. It takes more to support a special child. Not everyone has the gift of being able to support children like mine. I am so grateful that Easterseals is there for Lexi.”
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Meet Mason

Mason story of hope square When Mason was two years old, he used about ten words. By that age, most toddlers use over 100 words and string two or more words together to form basic sentences. As a result of his limited vocabulary, Mason had a hard time expressing himself which was very frustrating for him and his parents, who found it difficult to meet his expressed needs. Thanks to Easterseals Early Intervention services, Mason and his family have been well supported through a difficult and uncertain period in their lives.
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Meet Parker

Story of Hope Parker Today Parker is active and curious and loves playing baseball, but this was not always the case. Parker has cerebral palsy, which affects one side of his body including his arm and leg. As a preschooler, he walked up on his toes on one side and did not like trying new things. Then he enrolled in Physical Therapy at Easterseals outpatient clinic in Reading.
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Meet Peyton

SOH Peyton Peyton was completely nonverbal at age two when she began receiving speech therapy and occupational therapy from Easterseals. Today, she is independently speaking and communicating, engages more with people and can clearly make her needs known.
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Meet Sa'anvi

Picture of Sa'anvi As an infant, Sa’anvi had a lot of difficulty with food and, as a result, was not getting the nutrition she needed for healthy development. She often cried at meals, seemed fearful and even threw up when mom or dad could get her to eat. It’s easy to imagine the stress felt by everyone in the family as they faced this traumatic experience with their daughter three times a day. With support from Easterseals, they were able to turn this situation around.
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Meet Zai'Den

SOH Zaiden Zai’Den benefits from Easterseals Early Intervention services, outpatient therapy and specialty medical clinics. He is developing the physical, social, communication and life skills necessary to participate in daily routines with his family and to enter preschool with his peers. While there will be challenges ahead, Zai’Den and his family are approaching the future with excitement and anticipation.
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