Meet Chasity

SOH Chasity

Chasity enjoys attending Easterseals Camp Growing Green, our overnight summer camp. The first year she attendend, she was reluctant to go to camp because she had never stayed away from home by herself. However, Chasity soon discovered that she is more self-sufficient and independent than she realized, and after the first week, she was eager to return to camp again. While spending time away from home, she learned to take care of herself and gained confidence in handling the unknown. Making new friends and getting along in a group required Chasity to practice communication skills, flexibility, cooperation and compromise, critical skills essential to success in work and life. And before long, Chasity was helping her peers adjust to life at camp.

In addition to being away from home, Chasity was also nervous about attending camp in the Poconos and the uncertainty of what she would encounter in the outdoors. She repeatedly said she would not go canoeing or swimming in the lake. But once again, Chasity rose to the challenge and today she is proud of herself for attempting and accomplishing things that she thought she would never do. Every summer at camp, she pushes her bounderies and tries new things. She draws on these experiences as a reminder of the self-reliance and independence she has developed and takes on challenges at home and work with a new level of confidence.

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