For Nursing Schools & Students

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For Program Administrators: 
New Adventures is an opportunity for your students to get first-hand experience with a unique population, as part of their service-learning hours requirement. It is a hands-on opportunity—your students will work 1:1 with a child with a developmental disability and attend to their needs including feeding, facilitating activities, using the restroom, etc. New Adventures is modeled after Easterseals Colorado's successful Denver-area program Discovery Club. It is the first time that a program like this is coming to Southern Colorado. Working with New Adventures has the potential to change a student’s career trajectory because you students may not get exposure to working with this population another way.

For Nursing Students: 
Immerse yourself in this unique opportunity to serve an underserved population and get your service-learining hours in the process. The first program of its kind in the region, New Adventures will expose you to the ins and outs of working with children with developmental disabilities. Providing individualized care to a child with a developmental disability is a job that requires patience, kindness, and problem solving—all of which are skills that are important in all kinds of nursing. With New Adventures, you truly make an impact. Giving children a safe place to explore and grow and parents a break helps the whole family manage the stress of daily life, and ultimately, thrive. 

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