Community Employment Services for Job Seekers

At Easterseals Colorado, we believe all people should be 100 percent included and 100 percent empowered in the workforce. We focus on defining and finding the right job, regardless of age or ability. Working with Employment Services, you'll be provided with the training and guidance you need to prepare for and enter the workforce so you can earn money to live and thrive.

Who Do We Provide Services To?

Easterseals Colorado Employment Services serves people of all disabilities. A disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits or restricts a major life activity. Employment Services employs persons that may have any disability, are age 16 or older, and meet the following program eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant must have a disability that is an impediment to employment or his/her ability to access the community
  • Applicant must express a desire to work and to participate in the Easterseals Colorado Employment Services Program
  • Applicant must refrain from exhibiting behavior that is injurious to self or others
  • Applicant must have an established residential setting that is supportive of efforts to secure and maintain employment
  • Applicant must have access to transportation to and from work or be able to be trained to use access-a-ride or public transportation.
  • Applicant must be independent in self help skills such as toileting or eating.
  • Applicant must have resources to pay for services. This includes private pay, Waiver Funding (SLS or Comprehensive) or DVR Funding

What to Expect

  • Respect for your decisions & goals
  • Friendly & skilled staff
  • Quick response time from staff
  • A job that matches your skills & interests with employer needs
  • Community based, integrated jobs that pay at least minimum wage

Client Support through All Phases of Employment

  • Intake (information gathering; determine employment related interest, skills, abilities)
  • Facilitate contact with potential employers
  • Job placement
  • Job coaching
  • Individualized supports for as long as you want to maintain your job
  • Job-leaving supports to ensure job loss isn't seen as a reason to stop employment goals

Job Seekers Opportunities

Employment opportunities are available in the following fields: Office, Food Service, Retail, Manufacturing, Medical, Janitorial, Factory, Human Services, The Arts, Technology, Car Washing & More!

The following services are offered by Easterseals Colorado:

  • Job Development: Easterseals Colorado Employment Specialists work with clients to determine strengths, skills, previous work experience, interests and abilities. Appropriate employers are contacted, work sites are examined and job placement and accommodations (if applicable) are established.

  • Job Coaching: An Easterseals Colorado Employment Specialist is assigned to a crew/enclave setting to work with clients at a work site. The Employment Specialist assists clients with training necessary to complete required job duties according to the needs of the employer or site. This training, in cases where appropriate, also includes training on transportation (access-a-ride or RTD)  for each client to and from work. Additionally, the Employment Specialist along with the client identifies a measurable personal goal that will allow the client to continue to grow to their fullest potential in the workforce.  In many cases it is the goal of the client to work independently in the community. The Employment Specialist in these cases will empower the employee to demonstrate this ability with decreased supervision and ultimately prepare them to leave the crew/enclave setting for an independent job.

  • Job Placement/One on One Coaching: When a client is prepared and has demonstrated an ability to work independently, Easterseals Colorado Employment Services offers job placement assistance. This includes assistance in a job search, interview training, application and resume building. Once the client has found a job the Employment Specialist will maintain communication with the client and employer to ensure that work skills are sustained and any concerns are resolved.

Personalized Benefits Planning

Get accurate information about how work may impact: Housing Subsidies, Social Security Disability, Medicaid/Medicare, Scholarships, Food Stamps, Energy Assistance & Other Local Benefits

Payment Options

  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Community Center Board (Medicaid Waiver)
  • Self Pay

Additional Services

  • Work Adjustment Training
  • Paid Work Experience
  • Pre-Employment Assessments
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Social and Professions Relationship Coaching
  • Project SEARCH & Step-Up Paid Internship Programs
  • Self-Advocacy Coaching

For More Information

Joe Scancarello
Director of Employment Services

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