Family Caregiver Support Fund

Tax Checkoff 

Consider donating your Colorado state income tax refund to Easterseals Colorado when filing your taxes this year! We are listed as the Family Caregiver Support Fund on line 17 on Form 0104CH, the Voluntary Contributions Schedule. This is an easy way for taxpayers to make a voluntary contribution to support the work of nonprofits when filing their individual state income taxes. Money donated from taxpayers will fund programs and supports for families and caregivers of individuals with disabilities and older adults across the state. 

How do I participate?

To contribute, simply include Form 0104CH, the Voluntary Contributions Schedule, with your income tax return and list the amount you want to donate on the Voluntary Contributions line of your income tax return next to #17 Family Caregiver Support Fund (fund benefiting Easterseals Colorado). 

What if an accountant prepares my taxes?

You can still participate. Just let your accountant or tax preparer know you want to make a donation to the Family Caregiver Support Fund (#17) on Form 0104CH, the Voluntary Contributions Schedule.

What if I use an online tax preparation software or E-file?

You can still participate. If you are receiving a refund on your state income taxes, your should be prompted with a question like “do you want contribute money to one of the organizations available as part of Checkoff Colorado?” The software should navigate you through this process. Make sure you select the Family Caregiver Support Fund (#17).

How long has Easterseals Colorado participated in the program?

The Family Caregiver Support Fund was approved by the state legislature in 2017. The bill was supported by several state representatives and senators. 

How will donations be used?

Donations are collected by the Colorado Department of Revenue and then distributed to each fund. Every dollar donated goes back to the nonprofit tied to the fund. Easterseals Colorado will use the money donated by taxpayers to fund programs and supports for families and caregivers of individuals with disabilities and older adults across the state.

Why is this important?

Nearly 1 in 4 Coloradans live with a chronic disease or disability, and 3 in 10 Coloradans require mental health treatment each year. We also know that the older adult population is growing at a faster rate than the general population.

More than 843,000 family caregivers are, and will continue to be, the main provider of long-term services and supports to Colorado’s older adults and individuals living with chronic health care needs or disability.

Services and resources for family caregivers are crucial, supporting family health and stability, and helping to prevent or delay out of home placement for care recipients.

Family caregivers save the State of Colorado millions of dollars annually by providing care so individuals can remain living at home.

The Family Caregiver Support Fund tax check-off will create a fund to ensure caregivers across the lifespan and state receive quality supports.

Read a personal testimony from a family caregiver who testified in support of the fund.

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