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Autism and Behavior Services are helping to meet the increasing needs of children with autism.  The latest CDC reports from 2012 indicate 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – an increase from 1 in 88 in 2008. And the incidence of autism continues to rise.

Our behavior services offer interventions from the earliest opportunity possible (at the onset of a diagnosis) from childhood to adolescence and into young adulthood. Our goal is to increase language, independence, quality of life for the clients we serve and their families. 



Early Intense Behavioral Intervention (18 months - 5 years of age)

Our hybrid model, grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis, comprehensively meets the varying needs of families and children by combining home, center, and community based interventions. We take a developmental approach by utilizing cutting-edge, proven curriculum and interventions that address the whole child. Our interventions and family trainings are designed to maximize each child’s language skills and enjoyment from everyday activities and relationships.

Focused Behavioral Services (6 - 22 years of age)

Our focused services address behaviors for all cognitive levels or co-occurring conditions; and generally occur in the home or in a community setting. Our team members work directly with caregivers and/or clients themselves to create custom-tailored goals in an effort to increase socially appropriate behaviors (for example, increasing social initiations) and reduce problematic behavior, (for example, aggression). These goals cover a broad range of life-enhancing areas, including: communication, daily living, learning, problem behavior, self-help, and or vocational skills.

PLAY Project (0 - 5 years of age)

Play and Language for Autism Youngsters (PLAY) is an evidence-based parent-mediated autism intervention model that focuses on play and social relationships to support the child’s social and emotional growth. It’s a national program, founded by Dr. Richard Solomon, MD, a developmental pediatrician. The program is devoted to helping parents develop more meaningful connection with their child through play, while enhancing their child’s language, motor, behavior, and social skills.  Our certified PLAY Consultants and Tutors help parents improve interactions and development through everyday situations. PLAY Consultants and Tutors, provide 3-5 hours of in-home service and training each month. Most families are in the program for 18-24 months (or until parents demonstrate mastery).

We are focused on four goals:

  • Helping children build independence and self-determination
  • Teaching the tools for developing and maintaining loving relationships
  • Providing each child an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to family, school, and community
  • Disseminating best practice methodologies through parent and professional training and education 


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