For Caregivers

Coming March 2, 2018: “Empowering Providers & Parents for Nutrition Interventions in Early Intervention” seminar. Click here for information!

There are many types of caregivers, because the term caregiver refers to anyone who provides help to another person in need. This may be a few hours a week or full-time, live-in support. The person being cared for may live at home, with you, with another friend or family member, or in a residential facility. The person receiving care may have a long-term disability or may just need help temporarily. Caregivers need support, too! Here are some links to resources:

Step-By-Step Caregiving Guide

The Many Faces of Caregiving Study

Being a Caregiver for Someone You Love

Staying Involved (Long-Distance)

Planning for the Future

Caregiving 101: A First Glance at Aging in America

5 Apps for Caregivers

7 Gift Ideas for the Caregivers in Your Life

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