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A Letter From Mom

This letter comes at the most appropriate time, as I know that Project SEARCH has taken new interns under its wings. My mind drifts back to a year ago, when we first started, and I had no idea what would lie ahead. Change is scary. Change is unpredictable. Change is necessary!

Governor Walker and Sidney

 I want to tell each of you “thanks so much.” This was Sidney’s first week working 20 hours and what a difference a year makes. He awakens each day looking forward to his job. Now as you all know, dishes are not his favorite, but he does the job with an eagerness and an aim for perfection! Today, dad and I decided to have lunch at the Bistro. Not only did several workers talk to us about Sid’s great work attitude, Michelle, the owner, has thanked me twice for “sharing” Sidney with them. I said we owe you a huge thanks. Then, she went on to say how Sidney brings so much joy to the kitchen area and how much they love having him.

Another co-worker shared and said that Sidney may have needed a job, but they (kitchen and crew) needed him! He has brought order and calmness to a once unorderly place. I sat there in absolute amazement. My prayers had literally been answered. I wanted a job for him that was close to home, warm, nice people, and understanding and patient with him. And then they tell me – their prayers were answered.

This past year was very trying for me as a mom. Daily, Sid and I both struggled through waking and dressing on time, proper attire, girlfriend issues and so much more. The early mornings were tough. But with your help, support and coaching, and seeing his individual differences – he made it through. We made it through.

It’s my belief that God works through people. I thank God for each of you and the time you put into helping Sidney. This job, at this particular moment in time – is perfect for all parties involved. It was well worth the bumps and bruises along the way.

Warm Regards,
Meta Ventress
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