For Immediate Release

Turning Things Around for Anthony

Our Individual Placement and Support (IPS) program is a model of supported employment for people with serious mental illness. Our IPS team has works hard to ensure they find the best fit for sustainable employment for their consumers.

One of our IPS consumers Anthony has had a tough year. After losing his job in January 2021, just a few weeks later he lost his apartment in a fire. He has been living with family since that time and has been working hard to find his own apartment or house. 

With the assistance of our IPS staff Katrina, Anthony was hired within the local parks system in June 2021 as a custodian. Anthony does not have a car at this time and wanted to make sure he was saving all his strength for work. IPS offered - through our partnership with Dream Bikes - the chance to get a bike so that he could go to and from work. Anthony got a bike from Dream Bikes in July 2021 and he loves using it for work, his provider appointments, and getting around town! 

In September 2021, Anthony received a raise of more than $7 at his job with the parks! He is currently looking for a second job due to park facility closures over the winter. He is also looking forward to returning to the parks next year. 

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