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Recovering Benefits by Establishing Residency

Our Guardianship Department goes above and beyond for their clients on a daily basis. Recently they had some big wins for one of their wards. This client has been a resident of the USA for over 30 years. He moved to the USA from Mexico when he was a young adult and had built his life here in Wisconsin where he met his wife and they grew their family.  Unfortunately, just over a decade ago he began to have dementia and it had increased quite a lot, to the point he was forgetting to complete important tasks like renewing his green card. 

Our guardianship staff were not aware that he needed this however, it came up within the research of why he had not received SSA funds for many years that he qualified for.  He had no family/friends who were willing or able to help petition the renew his green card.  The price to renew is around $400 and if we ever wanted him to receive funds and pay his bills, applying for his green card renewal fell on the guardianship team.  Our team faced many barriers: the client was primarily Spanish speaking, there were no family or friends to provide his alien ID number, the only people who were willing to petition for a new green card was guardianship, and the assigned guardian did not have much experience in this. 

Our guardianship representative started the process in in November 2017 but with the application to renew denied over half a dozen times with various errors or extra things they needed, the application was not approved until July 2020.  In November 2020 with his green card finally in hand the team started multiple applications to apply for SSA.  In October 2021 the client was approved for SSA benefits! 

This effort took many people in the guardianship department to work together over the course of 4 years for our client to receive the benefits that he is eligible for.  Our guardianship team is dedicated to making things happen for their clients.