About Us

ACE-IT I is an adult day service for adults with developmental disabilities with a happy atmosphere that anyone entering our doors will feel. There is not a day at ACE-IT I that I don’t look forward to. Consumers and staff are all smiles and every morning there is enthusiasm and excitement about the day ahead. Our over-sized activity board draws a large crowd in the morning as consumers pick their activities and outings before our morning meeting. I especially enjoy our morning meeting which generally starts with current events, but takes on a life of its own as consumers contribute their thoughts, ideas and feelings.  After our meeting consumers get ready to leave for their job and volunteer sites, or for outings to museums, parks, stores and an ever changing list of community experiences. Our in-house activities are also popular including theatre performance classes, independent living skills, art, academics and our new ACE IT I Cooking Academy. Please take a moment to check out our monthly newsletters which describe our many adventures. It is a joy to participate in the successes of the people we serve, and I am forever inspired by what they are able to achieve! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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