Children's Services

Easterseal RGV provides home visiting programs throughout Starr, Hidalgo, Cameron and Willacy Counties, that support families from pregnancy until the time their child enters kindergarten. Families are connected to a program that best fits their needs and are provided tools and resources for enhancing their child's development while creating an optimal learning environment, supporting their child's success in school and their life path.  

When you contact Easterseals Rio Grande Valley, our service team can help you find the best program for you and your family.

Early Childhood Intervention services help young children with delays or disabilities achieve their goals in cognitive, social/emotional, communicative, adaptive and physical development. Services may include occupational therapy to help an infant learn to hold her bottle, physical therapy to help her learn to roll over, or speech therapy to help her learn to eat. Early intervention services take place in the home or, in the case of working parents, at child care facilities in the local community.

Texas Home Visiting is a program at no cost to the family, that helps good people be great parents. The program matches parents with a trained home visitor who comes to wherever you live. Your home visitor is a friendly, experienced person who can answer questions about your pregnancy or being a parent and can help you find services that help you care for yourself and your children. Texas Home Visiting uses programs that are proven to support families from pregnancy until the time your child enters kindergarten. Home visiting supports you and helps you set and reach goals for yourself and your child. Easterseals Texas Home Visiting uses the Parents as Teachers program as the foundation for services.  Parents as Teachers been proven to help children and families.

Project HOPES - Healthy Outcomes Through Prevent and Early Support: Project HOPES is a community-based program providing prevention services that target families with children between 0-5 years of age. provide a home-visiting program as well as services that promote child welfare, early childhood education, and other family services.  The Easterseals RGV HOPES program is a home visiting program servicing families in the Hidalgo county community with children ages 0-5, including prenatal support.  The Parents as Teachers program is used as the foundation for services and individualized services are provided based on the family’s needs.  Services also include parenting seminars and may include access to child care and counseling.  

Easter Seals Child Development Center: A child’s environment and social experience in their first five years of life is critical to their brain development and can have a decisive, long-lasting impact on their well-being and ability to learn. For many parents, this is enough to make finding high-quality child care a top priority. The Easterseals Child Development Center Network responds to the needs and concerns of parents with children of all abilities. Easterseals Child Development Center features safe and caring environments, individualized learning plans, highly qualified teachers, low child-adult ratios, low staff turnover, and active parent-center partnerships, designed to provide young children with the optimal environment for successful learning and development.

Early Development Instrument - EDI: The Early Development Instrument is a validated, population-based measure of early child development in five key domains (physical health, emotional maturity, social competence, language and cognitive skills, and communications skills and general knowledge). Through a partnership with developers at the Offord Center at McMaster University, the Center is licensed to administer a US version of the EDI. The EDI is a key component of the Make the First Five Count - Transforming Early Childhood Community Systems (TECCS) Initiative.

BridgingApps is a program of Easterseals Greater Houston that provides access to educational and therapeutic tools—anywhere, anytime—allowing parents, teachers, and therapists to effectively use mobile devices and apps to target and improve individual skill development to help children and adults with disabilities reach their highest levels of physical and cognitive development.

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