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The ECI program provides each family with the tools they need to incorporate instruction and therapy in their child's day-to-day activities.  The activities promote growth and development in a natural environment and throughout daily routines. ECI is a parent support program helping families help their children reach their full potential through developmental services including: screening & assessment; physical, occupational & speech language therapy; special instruction & support.  If you have concerns about how your baby or toddler is growing and learning, talk to your child's doctor, contact us at (956) 631-9171. Learn more about ECI at https://hhs.texas.gov/services/disability/early-childhood-intervention-services.  

A Thank You Letter From Kayla's Grandma

As a grandmother of Kayla Nichole I would like to thank you and give you my appreciation for all the support you have offered to my daughter Veronica, and the help you have given my granddaughter Kayla.  I had never in my life expected that I would be involved with a program so wonderful and much needed as yours.  However, we can't take things for granted.  My Kayla has given me the strength and the joy of life.  I feel that I need her more than what she needs me.  I want to thank your staff.  Veronica is always telling me how good Jessica and the therapist treat her and Kayla.  My greatest respect to your program.  I know that Kayla is in good hands and that is greatly appreciated.  She will endure hard times in her life, however her early years are the most important.

Again, thank you, and I know this (telethon) gift does not match all the help you have given our family.

-Solamente, Kayla's Grandmother.

A Thank You Letter From Grandma Rosa

Recently my beloved grandson Keenan received a very special birthday card for his first birthday from Easter Seals.  I was touched and surprised by this kind gesture.  To keep track of so many babies and children is pretty amazing.  Even though my grandson Keenan was given a few sessions in my home, I think the exercises did a lot of good.  I worked with him everyday and he was crawling at five months and started walking at nine months.  By 12 months he was running.  He is a very active baby; he says "ball" and points at everything he wants.  He loves being outside.  I thank God for him and cannot see life without him.

 -Thank you very much Grandma Rosa

Keenan is enrolled in Easter Seals' Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program, and receives services from the staff at Easter Seals' Harlingen satellite.   Currently the ECI program serves over 400 families in South Texas.  These families have children ages birth to three with special needs or developmental delays. 

Easter Seals would also like to thank Mrs. Helen Neudigate for working diligently to remember each child Easter Seals serves during his or her birthday.  Mrs. Neudigate has been volunteering at Easter Seals for over 20 years.

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