Our Core Values


We are committed to continuing education and professional development of our employees. We strive to provide current resources to our participants, referring agencies and the communities we serve.


We strive for excellence and best practices in the support and services that we provide by continuously analyzing data and implementing solutions for quality improvement.


Our goal is to emphasize a collaborative and cooperative work environment. We value and respect the input of staff, participants and stakeholders.

Girl in wheelchair holding penguin with father


We strive to be accountable to our staff, participants and stakeholders. We foster an environment built on transparency.


We are committed to assisting individuals to make healthy, life sustaining choices and implement long-term solutions,


We strive to develop, implement and share new ideas and creative solutions. We question why we do things and seek to improve current methods.


We recognize the importance of communication. We desire to better receive and share communication at all levels.


We embrace individuality, encourage creativity and create opportunities for work to be exciting and meaningful.


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